Alternatives in Breast Enlargement

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Alternatives in Breast Enlargement

If women themselves were asked asked what part of a women's body do you like the least, most women would respond with their breasts. Natural, full, larger breasts are apparently not common among women. Many women seek breast enlargement and most will resort to surgery (if necessary) to fulfill the need for larger breasts.

Unfortunately, surgery for many is out of the question. For some, it is the monetary cost. For others, the risk of surgery, possible leakage from implants and a host of other concerns is enough to make them reconsider breast implants as an option.
While there are many companies on the market today offering this cream or that appliance to increase breast size, herbal supplements offer the best and most effective results. Naturopaths have known for years which herbs to prescribe for breast enhancement and now those same ingredients are available together, in over the counter form, for all women to try.

While none of these alternative supplements will give a woman the breasts of a Hollywood starlet, using the right product can increase breast size by a cup or two, add firmness and allow for noticeable contours to the shape of the individual breasts.

The key is finding the supplement that works. While many of the companies claim success, the woman that is seeking this type of therapy has homework to do first.
Begin by finding a company that uses the highest-grade ingredients. The benefits of the best possible herbs include better body absorption and maximum potency. Both are needed to see the desired results.

The second thing to look at is whether the company offers a money back guarantee. If no guarantee is offered, skip the company altogether, no matter what promises it makes. All reputable companies offer a satisfaction guaranteed policy.
Next, look at testimonials for the product. Do they all sound like they were written by one person? Or, do they each sound genuine and written by happy customers? If they all read about the same, be leery.

Cost, as always is a factor, but price doesn't always determine which product is better. Many companies will try to give the impression that because their product is priced higher, it is better than the competition. This is not always the case and reading through all the available literature on the product can help in this decision.
Many women report additional benefits of herbal breast enhancement treatments including a more regular menstrual cycle, better moods and less premenstrual syndrome symptoms. The most common side effect is elevated PMS and those women should not take the herbal supplements.

Herbal breast enhancement should not be looked at as a quick fix. As with all herbal treatments, breast enhancement therapy can take months to achieve the desired results. But, with patience, the use of a good quality herbal breast enhancement treatment will boost the self-esteem of the woman and give her a better body image of herself, with an alternate means of cosmetic enhancement.

breast augmentation
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breast aug·men·ta·tion [brest àwgmn táysh'n , brest àwg men táysh'n ] (plural breast aug·men·ta·tions [brest àwgmn táysh'ns , brest àwg men táysh'ns ]) noun

cosmetic surgical breast enlargement: cosmetic surgical breast enlargement: cosmetic plastic surgery used to increase the size of a woman's breast permanently by physically implanting a fluid-filled silicone or saline bag inside of the body by one of several methods.

breast enhancement
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breast en·hance·ment [brest in háns mnt, en háns mnt ] (plural breast en·hance·ments [brest in háns mnts, en háns mnts ]) noun

improvement in appearance and/or size of breast(s): process by which a surgery, an insert, a dietary supplement, or other method is used to alter the appearance of a breast, on either a permanent or temporary basis, so that it seems larger or fuller.

breast enhancer
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breast en·hance·r [brest in háns r, en háns r ] (plural breast en·hance·rs [brest in háns RS, en háns RS ]) noun

device for improving size and/or appearance of breast(s): Something used in a variety of fashions, often in the form of a silicone, rubber, or foam insert, a cream, or a pill or other dietary supplement, to create the appearance, whether temporary or permanent, of a larger or more attractively-shaped breast.

natural breast enhancement
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nat·u·ral breast en·hance·ment [náchrl, náchrl brest in hánsmnt, en hánsmnt ] (plural Nat·u·ral breast en·hance·ments [náchrl, náchrl brest in hánsmnts, en hánsmnts ]) noun

naturally-derived cosmetic breast alteration substance: A process by which a natural product, coming in several different forms, often composed of herbs, vitamins, and filler, is used to make the human breasts larger or more attractive.

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