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With breast implants as apposed to Natural Breast Enhancement, it is no longer a case of one size fits all. Current breast augmentation patients have more choices than ever before -- including where they want the surgeons to make the incisions. Moreover, breast inserts are now being made in various sizes and shapes so virtually any body type can enjoy an augmentation that is balanced, natural and matches the patient’s frame.

According to the American Society of Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery, breast augmentation is the second most frequently done invasive surgery, with about one-third of a million women having the procedure in 2004. Obviously we here at Top10Herbal suggest Breast Enlargement the natural way at a first choice.

Not too many years ago, almost every breast enhancement patient received a round implant. Many women did not like the look of what they often described as two large grapefruit halves applied to their chests. But now, the natural look is the “in” thing.

Typical reasons for a breast augmentation include a woman feeling her breasts are too small; to correct sagging breasts after pregnancy; to make both breasts the same size and, sometimes, to lift a drooping breast.

Surgeons start a breast augmentation in one of four ways: they make an opening in one of the creases in the patient’s belly button (the trans umbilical procedure); in the area where the breast meets the wall of her chest (infra-mammary); in the armpit (trans maxillary) or in the areola, (peri-areolar,) the area of dark skin surrounding the nipple.

Moreover, incisions don’t have to be large enough to allow passage of the surgeon’s hand. Almost all implants are rolled up like a cigar and then inserted through the incision, through a channel just under the skin and into a surgically made pocket over or under the chest muscles. Once in place, the implant is then inflated.

Some prefer to place breast implants over Breast Enlargement pills. By placing them through a two-inch incision in the crease just under each of the woman’s breasts,” says Stephen T. Greenberg, a plastic surgeon with offices in Woodbury, N.Y., and New York City. “It results in a very well-hidden scar, one which hardly anybody has ever noticed.”


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