Exercies to Increase Your Bust

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Exercises to Increase Your Bust

You've heard the obligatory "I must increase my bust" exercises that adolescent
girls (maybe even you) practiced in their early teens in hopes of getting a bigger
bust simply by waiving our arms back in forth in a nonsensical movement.

Can exercises actually increase bust size, or are they merely supplemental to
having a nice, rounded, firm and lifted bust?

Well, I have not read of women actually achieving increase bust size simply by
doing bust toning exercises, but you can definitely help your breasts along in the
quest for bigger breasts, and a nicer lift and silhouette to the breasts.

The main muscles that are worked in bust lifting exercises are the pectorals, which
are the muscles that support the breast tissue which lays over the chest area, and
gives it the shape and roundness characteristic of younger, perkier breasts.

These are also the muscles where breast implants are inserted under (or over,
although I think the preferred method is now always under the muscle). So, it
makes sense that working these muscles would help to make your breasts look

Men typically work their pectorals to build their chest and make it look bigger, and this same concept is used for women who use exercises to increase bust size. As I said, the exercises mentioned below will not actually add a cup size or increase actual breast tissue growth locally, but they will help to make your breasts look bigger. Take a look and see how they work out for you.

Targeted Chest Flies : This exercise is really just a modified and slightly more targeted exercise which specifically targets the pectorals at a much lighter rate, gently guiding them to increased firmness and a bigger look.

Take a very light pair of hand weights, 1-2 pounds, and lie on the floor, chest up.
Now, raise you hands with the weights gripped in them lightly, directly out in front of your face, so they are perpendicular with your chest. Take them out to the sides of your body, not moving them more than a couple of inches, concentrating on gently squeezing the sides of your breasts.

This targets your lateral bust supporting muscles gently, since it is such a gradual movement, and is very slow and deliberate. Do about ten reps of these, slowly and with focus on the sides of the pecs.

Mini Desk Workout : This is especially for those of you that work at desks for most of your day. You can take the palms of your hands and put them together, concentrating on squeezing your bust muscles together gently. This should feel pretty natural, as these are the muscles you must use in order to feel the opposition in the palms.

Spin Doctor : This is one I named especially for the silly look you have when doing this exercise, which blasts the muscles which support the breasts, and is an excellent exercise to increase bust size. With this exercise, you will be standing. Put your hands out directly in front of your body, with your fingers all flat and pointed out to the distance, as if you are reaching.

Now, move your hands in toward eachother, as if your thumbs will touch, but slide one hand under the other. Repeat this, with one hand going over the other alternating turns. You may pick the speed up but will want to start this exercise slow so you do not accidentally get overzealous and pull a muscle.

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