Foods, Vitamins and Nutrients for Breast Health

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Foods, Vitamins and Nutrients for Breast Enhancement Health

With the climbing incidence of breast cancer in women, many women are now wanting to be proactive in preventing the beginnings of cancerous cell growth, and keeping their breasts in good health through diet, proper food choices, and lifestyle modifications. There are several foods and supplements that can be utilized in your daily diet that are cancer-preventative in nature and some that can even help to destroy pre-cancerous cells.

The old adage "eat your vegetables" holds true here. The theory that eating should incorporate color also applies for breast health. Foods that are naturally colorful and bright such as fruits like oranges and apples, and vegetables like red and yellow peppers are always going to contain higher amounts of chemicals called antioxidants.

Antioxidants actually work to destroy free radicals in the human body, which are often responsible for the destruction on good, healthy breast cells, and the facilitator of harmful cell growth.

There has also been some evidence that diets that incorporate soy, or soy isoflavones more specifically, are a good breast health measure, since soy isoflavones have been shown to be beneficial in many cases of hormonal imbalance, which often lends to cancerous cell growth in the breast tissue.Not only is the consumption of whole soy products beneficial for breast health, it also has proven beneficial for women facing menopause, since it brings back some of the hormonal balance lost in the later years of life.

There are quite a few other herbs and foods that can help contribute to breast health. They are :-

  1. Garlic
  2. Turmeric - A popular Indian Spice
  3. Green Tea
  4. Whole grain foods - Replacing any refined “white” flour foods
  5. Dark leafy green veggies like broccoli and spinach
  6. Olive oil - in moderation
  7. Lower fat dairy foods rather than whole dairy foods
Red wine - rich in antioxidants and excellent for overall cancer prevention and breast health when consumed in moderation.

breast augmentation
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breast aug·men·ta·tion [brest àwgmn táysh'n , brest àwg men táysh'n ] (plural breast aug·men·ta·tions [brest àwgmn táysh'ns , brest àwg men táysh'ns ]) noun

cosmetic surgical breast enlargement: cosmetic surgical breast enlargement: cosmetic plastic surgery used to increase the size of a woman's breast permanently by physically implanting a fluid-filled silicone or saline bag inside of the body by one of several methods.

breast enhancement
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breast en·hance·ment [brest in háns mnt, en háns mnt ] (plural breast en·hance·ments [brest in háns mnts, en háns mnts ]) noun

improvement in appearance and/or size of breast(s): process by which a surgery, an insert, a dietary supplement, or other method is used to alter the appearance of a breast, on either a permanent or temporary basis, so that it seems larger or fuller.

breast enhancer
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breast en·hance·r [brest in háns r, en háns r ] (plural breast en·hance·rs [brest in háns RS, en háns RS ]) noun

device for improving size and/or appearance of breast(s): Something used in a variety of fashions, often in the form of a silicone, rubber, or foam insert, a cream, or a pill or other dietary supplement, to create the appearance, whether temporary or permanent, of a larger or more attractively-shaped breast.

natural breast enhancement
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nat·u·ral breast en·hance·ment [náchrl, náchrl brest in hánsmnt, en hánsmnt ] (plural Nat·u·ral breast en·hance·ments [náchrl, náchrl brest in hánsmnts, en hánsmnts ]) noun

naturally-derived cosmetic breast alteration substance: A process by which a natural product, coming in several different forms, often composed of herbs, vitamins, and filler, is used to make the human breasts larger or more attractive.

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