The symmetrical ideal

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The symmetrical ideal

Physical symmetry is an ideal that has been around since the dawn of time. Men and women have been attracted to one another based on a perceived symmetry in the proportioning of body parts - men to women for larger hips than waist and breasts, and women to men for broader shoulders and narrow hips.

Breast enlargement surgery is a direct result of this society ideal, and breast augmentations are on the rise constantly, as are natural breast enhancement and enlargement options, so women may obtain what they feel is the beauty ideal of today : larger breasts.

This idea will be around for a long time, and it's the reason today that this hyper sexualized culture strives to keep these ideals alive, and people are getting more plastic breast enlargement surgery, and becoming more obsessive about getting these ideals to manifest themselves in our own bodies, to attract more attention and "be envied and desired" by others .

The symmetrical ideal has to do with a ratio of how body parts measure up against one another.
Women have more hips, men have less, women have breasts while men do not, and men have larger upper bodies, a symbol of male strength and virility that women find attractive. Bigger breasts is another thing in women that men tend to find attractive as a symbol of femininity and ability to bear and feed children.

This just means that we, as a society, have assigned a great deal of sexual and attractive value on the female breast. Bigger breasts are a symbol of sexiness and power for many women and men, and even serve as a great "accessory" that add to fashion appeal. It all relates to the contour of a woman's body, largely defined by how proportionate her breasts are in relation to the rest of her body.

Whether you agree or disagree with this standard as set by the values of a sexualized and sexually aware society who places high values on aesthetics, this is the perception of feminine beauty in today's

Many women's self esteem unfortunately suffers if they have breasts they perceive as being too small, and many resort to breast enlargement surgeries in order to meet what they feel is a sexier and more beautiful standard of today, as well as to feel better about themselves, more empowered in a sense, both sexually and socially as well as on a personal satisfaction level.

Surgical breast enlargements have become so performed here in the US and abroad, that this surgery has been called the second most performed elective surgery in the United States. Before we know it, you won't be able to tell who's breasts are real and who's had the help of a plastic surgeon for their
large boobs!

As long as you go into a breast enlargement surgery knowing what you will come out with, and understanding the risks and psychological impact associated with this type of radical body change, then you may just be going into a winning situation, and coming out with a better sense of yourself, and more confidence in the way you look. Heck, shopping can even be a lot more fun for you!

The decision is up to you, but before you have a breast surgery such as this, do your homework on what surgeons have the best results, and get before and after pictures of some of their work. You also do have natural breast enlargement options to choose from today where you can grow bigger breasts, where you end up with your own natural, soft feeling and natural looking breasts - because they are all yours.

breast augmentation
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breast aug·men·ta·tion [brest àwgmn táysh'n , brest àwg men táysh'n ] (plural breast aug·men·ta·tions [brest àwgmn táysh'ns , brest àwg men táysh'ns ]) noun

cosmetic surgical breast enlargement: cosmetic surgical breast enlargement: cosmetic plastic surgery used to increase the size of a woman's breast permanently by physically implanting a fluid-filled silicone or saline bag inside of the body by one of several methods.

breast enhancement
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breast en·hance·ment [brest in háns mnt, en háns mnt ] (plural breast en·hance·ments [brest in háns mnts, en háns mnts ]) noun

improvement in appearance and/or size of breast(s): process by which a surgery, an insert, a dietary supplement, or other method is used to alter the appearance of a breast, on either a permanent or temporary basis, so that it seems larger or fuller.

breast enhancer
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breast en·hance·r [brest in háns r, en háns r ] (plural breast en·hance·rs [brest in háns RS, en háns RS ]) noun

device for improving size and/or appearance of breast(s): Something used in a variety of fashions, often in the form of a silicone, rubber, or foam insert, a cream, or a pill or other dietary supplement, to create the appearance, whether temporary or permanent, of a larger or more attractively-shaped breast.

natural breast enhancement
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nat·u·ral breast en·hance·ment [náchrl, náchrl brest in hánsmnt, en hánsmnt ] (plural Nat·u·ral breast en·hance·ments [náchrl, náchrl brest in hánsmnts, en hánsmnts ]) noun

naturally-derived cosmetic breast alteration substance: A process by which a natural product, coming in several different forms, often composed of herbs, vitamins, and filler, is used to make the human breasts larger or more attractive.

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